Good Guy installs

Let Good Guy installs introduce you to our Loss Prevention Expert who is on hand to visit your home or business to help you create a custom surveillance security system that is tailor made to fit your specific needs. Our expert will use his 10 year experience and expertise in the Loss prevention industry, to help you design a real scenario deterrent against loss. Our commercial installations are limitless. We can install pro cameras, high resolution cameras, infrared cameras, dummy cameras, and even license plate capture cameras.

Low Voltage/ Data installation services avalible! Please call for pricing.  


Our professional security techs arrive on time with a pro active attitude. Our Techs are highly trained and in uniform. Our techs are polite and courteous and are understanding to specific client needs. Shoe booties are always on hand to protect your carpet or hardwood floors, and our techs clean up during the install and at the end of every shift, in your home. We only hire “good guys!”  


Now you can have complete control over access to your facilities. There are several soulutions, depending on your needs: Keypads, combination lock keypads, and swipe card entry systems. Protecting your home or business is a big responsibility. Access control help to provide a secure and controlled work environment weather it be keeping record of the housekeeper entering your master bedroom at home or employees entering a supply room at work.  


There are a number of systems available. Some alarm systems are strictly perimeter protection, and others are strictly interior protection. Good Guy Installs offer burglar alarm controls, intrusion detection devices, alarm communicators, and even “panic buttons.” Please call for more information and pricing.  


Let Good Guy Installs take you to the next level in home/ business protection with hidden cameras. Although this measure is not typical, it is sometimes necessary to protect your home or business. Weather it be a smoke detector security camera, a hidden mini spy camera with a pinhole lens, or even a fir sprinkler security camera, Good Guy Installs can get as creative as you allow us, to put a stop, and even prevent, the bad guys in your life.

Prices may vary according to camera. Preference for the desired level of security and type of system used depends entirely upon your budget and the design of your home or business. The cost can vary greatly. Please call today to schedule an appointment with our loss prevention expert.   


With EVERY surveillance package, Good Guy Installs offers a FREE, 1 year maintainance program. This includes ( but is not limited to) camera adjustment, camera cleaning, dead camera, or wiring defaults.