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A commercial Surveillance system is your virtual loss prevention department, for a low cost. Our systems have been installed at retail locations, preschools/ private daycares, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, bars, casinos, golf courses, long term construction sites, parking lots/ garages, loading docks, gas stations, warehouses, supply rooms, or anywhere you want to prevent loss. Some major advantages of installing a Commercial surveillance systems are:

Monitor your employees:

Internal theft, unfortunately is the 1 problem for missing inventory and cash. Our LOSS PREVENTION EXPERT can visit your establishment to help you create a high tech, custom surveillance system that may include access control, audio recordings in "real time" and even a "panic" button.

Stop burglars:

Monitor your establishment during operating hours and non operating hours. Non operating hours can be dangerous because thiefes know your store is alone. Burglars work while we sleep.

Your Surveillance system is a deterrent:

Thieves will stay away from your establishment when an obvious high tech surveillance system is highly visible. Employees will think twice about stealing.

Upgrade your establishment:

Let Good Guy Installs upgrade your daycare or private school by installing a high tech surveillance system. Parents will feel confident that their children are safe and well taken care of when in your care. Parents can monitor their children while at work from their PC, MAC, Smart Tab, or Smartphone. More clients creates more revenue.

Natural disaster/ catastrophic failure:

Can you imagine a major natural disaster while your away from your business? Or while on vacation you get a phone call telling you your establishment had a huge flood from a busted pipe inside? Your surveillance system will help you monitor your establishment when your away. All security systems can be viewed in "real time" from your PC, Mac, smart tab, or even your smart phone, enabling you the freedom to travel, and know your treasure is safe.